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We Rent and Deliver, premium
LIVING Christmas trees
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We Rent and Deliver, premium LIVING Christmas trees in Southern California!

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This holiday season will be like no other. After a couple of difficult years, and a challenging off-season, we considered taking a year off to recover. But we know how much our service means to hundreds of families throughout Southern California, so we’ve decided to give it another go!

Seems like we could all use a little Living Christmas with joy to carry us into a new year!

We are committed to keeping our elves and all of you safe, while continuing to care for the environment. A full list of safety measures will be available soon!

Our Tree Family!

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With dark green, soft, gracefully arching needles that ‘stink like Christmas’, the Monterey makes a great Christmas guest. But she is also the most temperamental and needs consistent love and attention to look and smell the best in your home. This is most popular of our varieties.

Price Range: $155 -$245

Aleppo Pine

The beauty is dense and the most shapely of our trees. New baby needles have a bluish tint. Though not as fragrant as her sister, the Monterey Pine, the Aleppo Pine is the hardiest of our trees. Easiest to maintain, the tree has the highest success rate of survival when planted after retirement and can be found growing throughout Southern California.

Price Range: $135 -$195

Blue Spruce

Blue’ish in color this tree is the closest to the traditional Noble Fir, but be careful, he’s also spiky to the touch and not very fragrant. But he’s a hearty, loveable chap with a heart of gold. Open, rigid branching is good for decorating, and his unique coloring makes him a great choice for those with an artistic eye and a loving home. **Due to safety concerns for our elves and customers, Blue Spruce are 1st Floor Delivery ONLY

Price Range: $175 -$295

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Our Story...

The Living Christmas Company’s mission “to change the way California celebrates Christmas” was born the year that Scott Martin, aka Scotty Claus, spent his Christmas vacation delivering Christmas trees for a local nursery. Gleefully singing Christmas carols, Mr. Claus was amazed at the sheer magic and merriment created by the simple act of bringing a Christmas tree into the house. The tree delivery signals that Christmas in the home had truly begun.

Care & Feeding

Our living trees respond well to loving attention and feeling apart of the family! That and they need 1-2 quarts of water every 2-3 days depending on the size of your tree and how toasty it is in your casa. Don’t you wish all holiday guests were so easy?

If your tree does happen to dry out the soil will have a hard time absorbing water. To remedy put some ice cubes atop the soil and they will absorb slowly perking your tree back up.

What our clients are saying

Over 90% of new clients return to us to experience the magic of Christmas with our trees!

  • “Highly recommend this experience!”
    This is our second year using Living Christmas Tree and we will never go back to farm cut trees. Our fluffy, happy living tree smells beautiful and has a totally different energy from the cut trees we’re used to. Plus our daughters are thrilled by the idea that the tree is “safe”.

    — A.M.
  • I just got an email from my adopted tree, Bear Tanenbaum, letting me know he was looking forward to seeing me this holiday season!  They even included a picture of my tree! Scotty Claus and his elves are wonderful.  I love my adopted tree and will use this service as long as I live in LA.

    — Meg A.
  • “LIVE XMAS TREES!!!!!”
    Doesn’t get any better than this! The people are great! The Service is wonderful!! Scotty Claus and The Living Christmas Company are AWESOME!!! Oh, and my house smells wonderful with a living xmas tree in my living room!

    — G.L.
  • “I love your service and love your trees. You were the key part of my first Christmas ever as a father. Now we have two kids and we all really looking forward to celebrating with a living tree again this year!”

    — Oren L.

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