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Delivery Zone

Our current nursery location is in Southern California and in the interest of conservation, we have limited our scope to just the surrounding region. Exceptions can be made if a large number of trees are requested in particular zone. By filling out an delivery request application we can better serve you or possibly direct you to a service that can.

We are constantly expanding and are hoping to be national in 2010. Keep checking in and keeping showing your support! Please add us on Facebook for exclusive opportunities to personally select your tree.


Technology and Ecology

We utilize the same software that UPS uses in order to maximize efficiency and ensure the highest customer service. Unlike a corner cut-tree lot that has hundreds to thousands of single trip drivers, we are able to group our deliveries dozens at a time.

To further increase our sustainability, our trucks run on Bio Diesel, a clean-burning fuel that is produced domestically. Bio diesel is also non-toxic. This means that it can be stored on-site and our drivers do not have to stop at gas stations to refuel everyday- further reducing our footprint.


Delivery Policy

We will do our best to accommodate the dates and times requested, however, because of environmental concerns, we will not send out a full size truck without an adequate number of deliveries to a particular zone.

Website pricing included doorstep delivery. Customers requesting in-home delivery do so at their own risk. Delivery elves reserve the right to refuse in-home delivery at their discretion. TLCCo will not be held liable for damage that occurs while elves are in the home. This includes scratches on walls, door frames, or water damage to carpets. Our reindeer do their best and will always treat your home with the upmost respect.

If a delivery cannot be made because the customer is not home, the gate code was not provided, or 'okay to leave on porch' was not selected- a redelivery charge of $25 will be applied.

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