Christmas Tree Rental | Live Potted Christmas Trees Delivered for California | Tree Care Instructions

Step One:Select the perfect location. Choose a level surface away from heaters and fireplaces. (Heaters will dry out the tree and turn the tips brown and crispy). Make sure the tray is placed securely below the pot of the tree. You may want to allow for addition protection in the event that the tray overflows.

Step Deux: Water your tree! (We don't water the trees the day of delivery, so your tree is thirsty when it arrives)Pour water slowly into the pot until you can begin to see it come out through the holes on the bottom. We recommend a watering can with a long, narrow spout.

Step Three: Decorate your tree. Feel free to name, sing to, and decorate your tree as you see fit. Please no flocking or tinsel. We enjoy receiving photos and hearing the stories that accompany each and every tree. You can upload photos in the Geneology section of the website. Use your barcode for reference.

Step Four: Maintain your tree. We ask that you don't attempt to trim or fertilize your tree (doing so runs the risk of infecting all the trees back at the nursery). You should water as in Step Deux every couple days to ensure the tree's health, but use common sense and do not allow water to stand in the tray for any more than a couple days. Be careful not to overflow the tray.

Step Five: Prepare to say good-bye. Please remove all of your ornaments (it is almost impossible to get them back to you) and lights. Place the tree as close to the door as possible. If you move your tree outside prior to pick-up time, please leave your tree in a covered area, as direct sun will burn it. Don't forget to keep watering your tree. Then 'wave good-bye... don't you cry, he'll be back again someday!'

If you are unable to be present on your selected delivery or drop-off date, please make arrangements at least 48 hours ahead of time in order to avoid additional delivery charges. Refer to your terms of agreement for more details.

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