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We understand the arboreal bond that can form between a family and its tree. That is why we set up Tree Adoption. Tree Adoption allows customers to reserve their particular tree for the coming year. The process is tricky so following the steps is vital important:

  • Prior to pick-up, a family can choose to adopt their tree by filling out adoption papers.
  • Please tie a used ribbon securely to the tree so the delivery elves know that your particular tree is reserved for adoption. Adoption Papers must be filled out before your tree is picked up.
  • If your tree came with a plastic sleeve, please put your last name and order number a piece of paper and place in the sleeve.

There is a $30 maintenance fee for adoption, this helps off-set the additional time and labor required to sort the trees. Although we cannot guarantee against accidental death or damage of your tree through the course of the year, Adopters will be given the right of first refusal and priority ordering status should they chose to try a new tree. We encourage folks to take annual Christmas photos with their tree. That way, you can watch the tree grow as your family grows!

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