Raising Awareness:
Possibly our most important initiative is challenging the general public to re-evaluate their practices by offering a dynamic alternative to artificial and cut trees.

"This is not your grandmother's tree; this is your children's tree"

In-Home Safety and Air Quality:
Living trees are less flammable than either cut trees or polyvinyl fake trees, and have been enthusiastically endorsed by the Santa Monica Fire Marshal, Jim Glew.

Living trees also contribute to positive indoor air quality. Plastic trees can off-gas harmful chemicals into the air and have been found to contain lead dust. Commercial fire retardants used on cut trees contain known carcinogens.

Local Varieties, Locally Grown:
Selecting trees that can grow in the communities where they will be rented reduces the need for water, labor, pesticides, and heavy fertilizers, and increases the success rate of the trees' transition into and out of the home.

Locally Delivered:
Unlike cut trees from Oregon and artificial trees from China, our trees don't travel thousands of miles. Online ordering further reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to optimize delivery routes. Instead of dozens of single trips to and from tree lots, our clean burning Bio Diesel trucks deliver dozens of trees in a single trip.

Urban Infill:
Our trees are potted and can be grown over ANY flat surface, including abandoned parking lots and brownfields. In the off-season our trees are still working hard reducing visual blight and heat sinks, removing up to a ton of carbon from the atmosphere, and producing enough oxygen for 16 citizens per acre.

Urban Forestry:
Every year, we will have hundreds of trees that are either unfit or too large for renting. These trees become part of an Urban Reforestation Project earning Carbon Tax Credits and increasing property values while battling global warming, improving air quality and storm water run-off.

Landfill Diversion:
Up to 80% of green waste still ends up in the landfill as daily cover. Cities are required to reduce their amount of landfill refuge and report on specific programs to meet these goals. Every tree rented is one less discarded tree requiring collection and disposal, potentially saving the county $100,000's annually.

Acting Globally and Locally:
Our aggressive community outreach programs have allowed us to partner and fundraise alongside charitable organizations. We are able to donate trees to needy families and partner with nearly 50 local non-profits.

Expanding our definition of a Living Christmas, we have added eco-conscious and Fair Trade products and ornaments to our website. These products support women's programs in India, Tibetan refugees in Nepal, and support the green industry locally.

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