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Cast of Characters

"Scotty Claus" - Scott Martin
Scotty ClausLead Christmas Caroler and TLCCo Founder, "Scotty Claus" is the instigator of the company's silly hat policy and keeper of the TLCCo vision. His dream is for every Californian to meld the magic of their fondest Christmas memories with the new tradition of a Living Christmas tree. He hopes that celebrating a Living Christmas will help to bridge the connection between the joy of the Christmas celebration and our responsibility to the environment. He also hopes that, for once, his dad will get more than a rock in his stocking this year, but admits it's a pretty funny family tradition!

"Jingle Bella" - Michelle Alessi
Jingle BellaDespite taking on the very serious roles of Chief Financial Officer of The Living Christmas Company and President of The Living Christmas Foundation, "Jingle Bella" still lives up to her name. She has a history of Christmas mischief with her family, including once finding out the hard way that dogs shouldn't eat holiday candy. Every year, she celebrates with her family by attending the Christmas Teddy Bear Tea, providing donated teddy bears to disadvantaged children. She is excited to be participating in the Living Christmas movement. She believes that conscious lifestyle choices can positively impact our world and the quality of life now and for our future generations.

"R. Elf" - Ryan Delane
Chief Web ElfOur Chief Elf, "R. Elf" is the self-professed geek (we prefer to call him "genius") behind the TLCCo website. He works with lots of great companies, but none quite like TLCCo - none of his other clients make him wear funny hats and play Christmas music during meetings in April. He still looks forward (along with the other kids in his family) to receiving a new pair of flannel footy pajamas on Christmas Eve, which would be considered quite normal if he wasn't over 30 years old. He loves waking up well before dawn on Christmas morning and rousing his family just to watch them all open their gifts. Whether or not they love getting up that early is debatable. This year he's hoping he'll get some pointy ear warmers to match his pajamas.

"P.R. Blitzen" - Lisa Manterfield
P. R. BlitzenKnown as the "Reindeer of Many Words," Ms. Blitzen is responsible for telling the world about the wonders of a Living Christmas. Her favorite Christmas tradition is walking home with Mr. Blitzen carrying the Blitzen family tree between them, but it was always marred by the guilt and sadness of seeing so many trees cut down for just a few weeks of joy. This year, she'll ask the elves to drop her Living Tree at the end of the street so she can still enjoy the sweat, blisters, and funny looks from carrying her tree home. She'll still visit the Christmas tree lot, though, to hug all the poor cut trees.

"Stephy Loo Who" - Stephanie Rausch
Stephy Loo HooWith her marketing expertise and cheerleading skills, "Stephy Loo Who" claims to be a part time member of the TLCCo Advisory Board and a full time participant in the peanut gallery. She is also Chief Baker, Supreme Decorator, and Possessor of an enviable collection of unicorn ornaments. Every year she gets her Christmas kicks by secretly placing a rock in her father's stocking. Not even her little brother knows that she's the culprit.

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